2022 reflections from Matt…..

Is it too early to start reflecting on 2022? Hope not, because here goes… It’s been an invigorating year for me. 

I started off with an obsessive energy to resurrect an Australian work that I find deeply inspiring: Mark Simmonds’ Fire. Thanks to Foundry616 & brilliant musicians Thomas Avgenicos, Jonathan Zwartz and James Hauptmann, by the beginning of February I was humbled to have that vision see daylight – SMH Review.

Over the next two months, Mister Ott had an incredible journey, thanks to SIMA. We toured and played our brand of get-up-and-dance to thirsty audiences. 13 stops later, I had a newfound gratitude for the professionalism and skill of everyone on that tour: Ellen Kirkwood, Daniel Pliner, Freyja Garbett, Bueno Panucci, Dave Symes, Jani Bangs and Carlos Adura – Mister Ott 2022 tour video. We’ll be on the stage again at Lazybones on 2 December, this time with Eden Ottignon back from Berlin on stage with us, and again at Fillmore’s in Kiama, Dec 17 – come say hello! 

Java Quartet hit the road to launch Before, Now & After  It was again, for the fourth time, a privilege to be part of such thoughtful and moving work.  Java Quartet is at Foundry 616 this Thursday (Nov 10).

Alongside all this, Tim Minchin, Synthony and Baby et Lulu satisfied my hunger for the big audiences, theatrics and the company of incredible performers. But I needed some quiet this year to do something I’ve been wanting for a long time. I took time off in the later months of 2022. I booked in studio time. I revisited old thought bubbles and experiments. I indulged in works and creators that inspired me and I wrote. 

On 13 December, I’ll be testing out some new ideas at Jetsets (Tempe Jets) alongside Monica Brooks (piano), Holly Conner (drums) and Hannah James (bass). The night is one of a few new artist driven endeavours creating spaces for new music to be performed in Sydney. Please come along if you can. 

Lastly, it’s been an indulgence being in Sydney for so much of the second half of this year. I got to join the incredible community of musicians we have here in this unforgiving but thrilling city: Mingus Amongst Us, Geoff Bull & The Finer Cuts, Clayton Doley, The Glorious Sousaphonics, Nick Garbett, Ben Lerner, Lolo Lovina and Jade MacRae. 

With pandemics and natural disasters, the release of music is deeply needed right now. Here’s to 2023 – may it fill your cups. 

Love, Matt


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