‘Steam’ Video

  • Staring
  • Miss Understood
  • Feline Dion
  • Luci Bamford
  • Aurora Powers
  • Matt Ottignon
  • Ben Panucci
  • Daniel Pliner
  • Ellen Kirkwood
  • Carlos Adura
  • Director – Rae Ottignon
  • Produced – Rae + Matt Ottignon
  • Creative Director – Renee De Bono
  • Assistant Creative Director – Kaptain Standley
  • DOP – Barnabas Imre
  • Assistant DOP – Gabriel Kintli
  • Catering – Kirstin Ridley
  • Studio – Read Made Works
  • Created in Jan 2021
  • Words from the director – Rae Ottignon “It was the psychedelic reverbs in the track ‘Steam’ that started the ideas behind the video. I knew I wanted to create something that was colourful and impactful and an excuse to showcase some of my beautiful and talented friends. I wanted to give the illusion of steam by throwing holi powder at the band members and performers. I chose Orange, Yellow, Blue and a touch of red to tie into the album artwork. I was excited by bringing two worlds together: The Mister Ott band and that world of jazz with the world of dance/burlesque/performance and Drag. Featured in the video are Aurora Murphy whose PHD in Theatre studies makes her expressive face one of the most stand out moments in the video. Feline Dion whom I met at a Vogue Ball brings their effortless grace, strength and style in a Barbarella-esque costume complete with silver gun. Luci Bamford’s back plays as a canvas, bookmarking the video from start to finish and Daniele Gianotti (AKA Miss Understood) a self identified Drag Queer slams you in the face with their beauty midway through the video in a vibrant red outfit. These stand out performances interwoven with Matt Ottignon on Sax, Ellen Kirkwood on Trumpet, Danny Pliner on Keys, Ben Panucci on Guitar and Carlos Adura on the drum creates a dreamy rhythmic montage. The result to me feels like the title sequence to a James Bond movie and I have definitely played with those familiar tropes. Matts insistent running symbolises a ‘man on a mission’ who is almost overcome with the onslaught of colour whereas our Femme Fatales stand powerfully on their own withstanding everything that is ‘literally’ thrown at them. Making the video was a huge amount of fun and we made a terrible mess! My creative director Renee De Bono with Kaptain Standley were invaluable coming up with creative solutions with all the materials (paint and powder) on the spot. DOP Barnabas Imre with Gabriel Kintli brought the ideas to life on screen. Behind the scenes on catering (thank goodness) Kirsten Ridley. Special thanks to Ready Made Works for hiring us the space. Again, so sorry about the mess! “

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